Doctor Healer Network Australia

Promoting healing in medicine
Bridging the gap
Based on the Doctor- Healer network developed in England by Dr Dan Benor

The Doctor- Healer Network exists to promote the practical use of healing in a medical setting independent of any particular philosophy or belief.
Membership is open to doctors and other health professionals with an interest in healing who subscribe to the aims of the network and healers who practise healing and are members of a healing organisation, in which training, adherence to code of conduct and professional insurance cover are mandatory. Membership is also open to others with a specialist role in the network at the discretion of the organiser.

The Doctor- Healers Network's principal areas of activity will be to

  1. Promoting the awareness of healing as a viable therapy
  2. Promoting the use of healing to Medicare, state and private hospitals
  3. Encouraging collaborative links between healers and healthcare professionals 
  4. Research
  5. Teaching and academic studies
  6. Work with primary health care trusts
  7. Work with the national health service
  8. Developing an effective source of information and contact for healthcare professionals wishing to expand their knowledge of energy healing
  9. Offering guidelines for healthcare professionals and healers seeking to establish a working relationship


Bio-Balance Health Association presents the
Walsh Research Institute Outreach - Patient Assessment Program
14 - 20 March 2016
(click here for details)

AIMA/CMA Symposium 2016
3 - 4 September 2016

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