Holistic Practitioners - Application For Membership

The Doctor - Healer Network exists to promote the practical use of healing in a medical setting independent of any particular philosophy or belief. Membership is open to doctors and other health professionals with an interest in healing who subscribe to the aims of the Network and healers who practice healing and are members of a healing organisation in which training, adherence to a Code of Conduct and professional insurance cover are mandatory. Membership is also open to others with a specialist role in the network at the discretion of the organisers.

Please note:
Membership may not be used as a qualification in a member's publicity material.
Please complete where appropriate

Doctor / Healer / Other (please

Title / Full name:

Phone Home:

Phone Work:






Email Home:

Email Work:


For Doctors and other medical professionals only

Yes (Do you heal or employ/make referrals to a healer?)

In what area of medicine do you work?

Please indicate particular areas of interest concerning the practical application of healing e.g. research

For Healers only
Which healing organisation do you belong to?
Membership no.

Details of your links with doctor/medical practice/hospital/hospice

Are you being paid?
What is your source of funding? (If your source is public or voluntary sector please

Have you any special areas interest?

Other therapies you are qualified to practice

Other applicants for Membership
What area of your work will complement the work of the DHN?

What particular skills can you bring to the DHN?

Other information which may be useful to the DHN

Please note: membership is subject to Committee approval

Membership Fee: $50 per annum
Payment should be made out in favour of The Doctor - Healer Network and sent to:
The administrator
Tim Fraser
8 Hoop Court,
QLD 4558

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